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Monday Maven - Mama Bird's

Childhood memories. They thematically vary across the board, some remembered more so than others.  These recollections vary from person to person, and rarely do multiple people reminisce over the same object of affection. Yet, there seems to be a little piece of nostalgia people commonly share in when recalling the fond events of childhood…

Remember as a child anxiously awaiting the sound of those beloved tunes? You know…the ones that would echo throughout the neighborhood, announcing the distribution of pure deliciousness, and promising a lifetime of pure sentimental excitement every time you heard relatable chimes?

That’s right, people. I’m talking about none other than the coveted neighborhood ice cream truck.

I can’t think of a better accessory to any summer wedding than that of an iconic ice cream vendor appearance. What better than to combine a beloved pastime with your precious beloved?? Ice cream has a seductive allure and is sure to deliver a dose of euphoria to each of your guests.  

With rising popularity of food trucks making waves across the nation, it’s natural to assume there are some pretty trendy ice cream themed gems mixed in the equation. Even though our love for our favorite novelty will never die, we can appreciate that as adults, our taste buds have matured just a bit. We’ve grown out of paper cup Popsicle Snow Cones and boring old Fudge Bars, and our palettes yearn for more sophisticated concoctions. Lucky for us, our taste buds don’t have to look too far for the ultimate satisfaction.

Let us introduce you to the local crowing jewel of ice cream divulgence: Mama Bird’s Cookies + Cream of Holly Springs. Mama Bird’s offers affordable, home made, locally owned delicious treats that we can now respectfully adore in our later adult years. Every single menu item and ingredient, from the candy additives, to the cookies structured around the ice cream, is made from scratch, in house, using local eggs, cream, and resources.  

Forget the clown adorned white van. As if they hadn’t already blown our minds with flavor, Mama Bird’s took the cake in terms of presentation. You and your guests will gush over a vintage-style ice cream cart that will present whichever preselected ice cream, ice cream pops, or ice cream filled sandwich cookies. Unique ice cream flavors (try Maple Bacon or Hey Honey…YUM), a different approach, and delicate charm are rocketing this concept to popularity.   

Seriously considering Mama Bird’s for your ice cream truck vendor? If you aren’t, you definitely should. Check them out…you’re subconscious will hate you if you don’t.

Mama Bird’s Cookies + Cream
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Phone: 919-698-9854