Bridal Portraits

Friday Feature - Erika's Bridal Portraits

We loved hosting the beautiful Erika for her bridal portraits. She picked some of our favorite spaces inside the house and out on the grounds to capture the beauty of her gown. 

The keyhole in the back of her dress flowed elegantly with pattern of the front door and the color of her roses popped beautifully against her gown. 

Along with Kate from MKM Photography, Erika was able to float through the house and choose the perfect locations for her bridal portrait session.

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Friday Feature - Megan's Bridal Portraits

We love when brides come into Mims and make the space completely their own! That’s what our bride Megan did during her bridal portraits shoot. 

She excitedly took charge and used each room in the house to capture her gorgeous gown, hot pink shoes, and infectious personality! 

From standing regally on the staircase to lounging on a settee, Megan took advantage of the natural lighting and whimsical atmosphere of Mims. 

This bride also knows how to have a good time and wasn’t afraid to make some goofy faces to add to her collection. 

Megan is always full of laughter and we enjoyed hosting her and her fantastic photographer, Amaris Photography!

Friday Feature - Sarah's Bridal Portraits

One of our favorite things at Mims House is working with gorgeous brides-to-be. Whether it’s through hosting the bridal luncheon, the actual wedding or having the bridal portraits shot here, we love spending time with and growing to know these fantastic ladies. Our recent bride, Sarah, is no exception! 

Sarah chose Mims as the backdrop for her bridal portraits and we couldn’t be more thrilled. l mean, look at how stunning she is! From the way the crystal chandelier complements her gown embellishments to the collaborating shades of purple in her shoes and settee, Mims seems to have been created just for Sarah!

The staircase served as a great space to showcase the length of Sarah’s gown and the natural lighting from the Ladies Parlor captured her entire ensemble beautifully. 

We are honored that Sarah chose Mims as the place to highlight her beauty! Thanks to her and Silver Feathers Studios for spending time with us and bringing their joy to the shoot! 

Friday Feature - Mary Rachel's Bridal Portraits

When Graham Terhune walks through the doors of the Mims House to take pictures of a bride, you can be certain the outcome is going to be breathtakingly beautiful. You can also be certain you’ll love being in his presence because he’s just one of those down-to-earth, relatable, genuinely nice type of guys.

We were so elated when he shared the pictures from a recent bridal portrait shoot and we hope you’ll enjoy looking at how perfect he showcased this beautiful bride in our venue.  Don’t worry. The bride is officially off the market so it’s safe to share these stunning pictures.  

We also want to thank Graham for recommending our little slice of heaven to the Southern Weddings gals. Because of his referral, we were able to host their annual team photo shoot a few weeks ago and we can’t wait to see their pictures in the next issue of Southern Weddings.

We’ve had a flood of bridal portrait shoots recently and we can’t wait to show them off. But for now, let’s admire Graham’s talent and Mary Rachel’s beauty.

Mims House Bridal Portraits
Mims House Bridal Portraits
Bridal Portraits at Mims House
Mims Bridal Portrait Shoot