Join Our Team - Mims House is Hiring

Photo Credit:  AJ Dunlap Photography

Photo Credit: AJ Dunlap Photography

We are looking for a part-time Venue Coordinator to join our team. This position is based in Holly Springs, North Carolina.  The Venue Coordinator will work directly with the Venue Curators to conduct on-site venue tours, manage client and vendor communication, coordinate and orchestrate on-site events and weddings and provide administrative support including developing marketing campaigns and social media management. This role will play an integral part in the growth of our venue and the mission to provide impactful and passionate customer service.

Oversee the coordination and administration of all Mims House bookings

Provide on-site facility tours and assist with our weekly Open House

Attend to all inquires in a prompt manner

Provide expert event advice and support ensuring events are successfully coordinated and managed

Arrange and supervise the provision of caterers and other wedding vendors

Set-up and break down of functions and events

Assist with administrative tasks as required

is friendly and positive

is deadline and detailed oriented

is a self starter

is able to thrive in a fast paced environment

has strong written and oral communication skills

is an early adapter of new technologies and techniques

is able to create independently and with lead with direction

has a strong desire to serve and engage with our community

has extensive planning and coordination experience

has the ability to stand for long hours

enjoys impromptu office dance parties

always says yes to a glass of bubbly  

2 years experience in the wedding industry or in a creative field

be local to Raleigh and willing to work in Holly Springs

have a flexible schedule 

photography, lettering or design skills a plus

Please send the following to with the subject line “Venue Coordinator - your first and last name". Creativity is a plus.

cover letter


desired hourly pay requirements

link to your Instagram

Please note you will not be considered for this position if the instructions for applying are not percisely followed. 

Mims Weekly Open House

                              Photo Credit:  Silver Feather Studios

                              Photo Credit: Silver Feather Studios

To say we’re juggling a lot is a complete understatement. Between the two of us, there are two large male children, three tiny tots, six four-legged fur balls and three small businesses. It’s a blessing that we are able to read each other’s mind because sometimes we stop conversing mid-sentence and struggle to formulate the rest of our thought. 

Given our schedules and priorities and desire to conquer the world, it’s impossible for us to meet with every vendor or local business.  And sometimes brides can’t tour a venue during normal business hours because they are rightfully focused on their careers and would prefer to not get fired over planning a wedding. So we came up with a solution. 

Each Wednesday the Mims House will be open for an informal Open House from 4pm - 7pm.  Anyone and everyone is welcome. We’ve already thoroughly enjoyed meeting those who have stopped by to admire the grandeur of the property and especially those who have offered their personal stories of history with the house.

So mark your calendar and stop by to see us and say hello.  We can’t promise that each week will feature live music or fresh florals from a local vendor, but we can promise you’ll find a cute display with refreshments and you’ll have an all-access pass to explore the 30+ rooms. 

We hope to see you at one of our Open House Wednesdays soon!  We would like to send a special thanks to Steve Stowe from Bunn DJ Company, Flowers on Broad Street and Brides & Bouquets for their participation recently. You guys rock!


Brooke Everhart & Priscilla Erwin
Venue Curators

Mims Grand Opening Party Marketing Video

Remember how we said we would be posting about the Grand Opening Party very soon? Please forgive us for being total slackers and taking this incredibly long to get around to it. It’s been pleasantly busy but that craziness has prevented us from checking off tasks on the to-do list. 

Have you ever wished you could relive a day again? Like Groundhog Day-style. Go to bed, wake up and completely duplicate every single second of a day you’ve already experienced. That day for us is the day of our party. Usually every Friday we reference Friday, March 13 and long to be able to travel back in time to that night. It was pure magic.

The only thing that comes close to reliving the day of the party is getting to watch a video highlighting every detail. We had really high expectations for this film. We hoped it would capture the emotions we were feeling and the elation that flowed through every room of the Mims House. It was going to be our treasure. Our little time capsule to show to our children’s children.  And then we watched the video and every expectation we thought we had shattered like a bursting firework and tears of pure joy streamed down our smiling cheeks.   

Our hearts are so full of gratitude to Silver Feather Studios for this keepsake. There is absolutely nothing, not one detail, we would change. It is sheer perfection. Not only is this video the perfect piece of memorabilia from one of the most pivotal moments of our lives but it also serves as our medication for when we’re having pains from not being able to re-live that day. 

The Grand Opening Party would not have been possible without each and every vendor that graciously donated their time and talent to support us. We are indebted to them for their selflessness. 

If you weren’t able to make it to the party, we feel really sorry for you because it was definitely a party and you missed a heck of a good time.  If you were able to make it and you secretly find yourself wishing you could experience it again, take four minutes out of your day, watch this video and re-live it with us.

We encourage you to visit Silver Feather Studios' blog and check out their recap of the night as well as to see some additional photos from the event!

Our Incredible Vendors
Grand Rental Station | CE Rental | Themeworks | Bunn DJ Company
Silver Feather Studios | Shane Snider Photography | Rocky Top Catering
Donovan's Dish | Belle's Catering | The Lincoln Agency | Tesh's Live Painting
Eclectic Sage | Flowers on Broad Street | Brides & Bouquets | Sugar Euphoria
Oblige Designs | Orangerie Events | Riley MacLean Photography
Peelman Productions | Perfection by Patricia | Event Espresso | Shutterbooth


Brooke Everhart & Priscilla Erwin
Venue Curators