The Registry - What you need to know!


As someone who is TWENTY THREE days away from their wedding day (wow, crazy right?!), I have learned a few things about wedding registries. First off, they are so stinkin' fun to create, but also really hard. 

Let's be honest here - we all dream about the day we get that glorious scanner and can add anything we want to on our registries. But, when it actually comes time create on there are so many things to think about. Like what color scheme do we want for our bathrooms, are we putting enough gifts on there for different types of budgets, should we add a honeymoon fund, and the list goes on and on. 

One thing my fiance and I found while in the beginning stages of creating our registry was an amazing online registry site called Zola. Boy oh boy, do you we love it! It is so quick and easy to use as a one stop shop for all your registry dreams. Not only do they have over 500 different brands, but they also offer free shipping and newlywed funds. We have loved using Zola for all our registry needs and we couldn't keep them a secret any longer! From kitchen to dining to experiences to funds, they have everything you need under the sun.

So, with all that being said I have put together some advice to couples and the guests concerning the wedding registry! 



1. When creating your registry with you significant other, be sure to have fun! Of course you should put items on there that you absolutely need, but also don't be afraid to add that expresso machine you have always dreamed  - maybe Great Aunt Sue will decide to pick it up for you. Also, don't forget about the honeymoon - add a cash fund for different excursions, or date nights you hope to have! 

2. As a guest it's important to know that the couple created their registry for a reason. They put a lot of time into thinking about the items that they need and want for their future, so don't be afraid to buy from there. In all honesty, the bride and groom really hope you do! Try to stick to the registry as much as possible. 


3. We always get asked, how much should a guest spend on your wedding day gift? Honestly, that's up to the guest, what their budget looks like and their relationship with you. It's a good idea, as the couple, to include gifts of all different prices so that know one feels they have to break the bank. If you're a good friend of the couple, but just can't afford a huge gift - maybe go in on one of their larger ticket items with some other pals and split the cost! 

4. Alright ladies and gents, let's talk about the most important part of the wedding - the HONEYMOON. We touched on it a little earlier on. But, one of our favorite things about Zola is that they offer so many great ways for guests to contribute to the couple's honeymoon. They even have tools for you to use to make honeymoon planning fun, from checklists to cash gifts - you can add different funds on your registry for airfare, your resort, breakfast in bed and so much more. 


Our last piece of advice to you, is to just enjoy this season of life and have fun while planning all the little and big details! It truly goes by so fast.

We hope that this was helpful to you in some way. Leave us a message below with any questions or advice you may have when it comes to the Wedding Registry! We would absolutely love that. And don't forget we have our weekly open house today from 4PM - 7PM. We would love to meet you and chat with you more about your big day. We'll see you then! 

Photos by: Cor PhotographyAna Teresa Photography  | Venue: Leslie - Alford Mims House | Graphics by: Zola 


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