Planning Tips + Tricks

We’re sure by now you all know that we love weddings and pretty much any event. So we figured we would give you a few wedding tips and tricks. We invite you to sit back, sip on some coffee or tea, relax and keep on reading. 

  • CREATE A BUDGET || before you begin the big planning, it’s important to sit down and determine what your budget is. Paying for a wedding or any event can be a huge source of stress. That's why having a budget planned out and agreed upon can help in managing that stress. Be sure to think through even the tiniest of details that you may have to pay for like wedding dress shoes, possible tips for vendors, welcome bags for out of town guests, wedding favors, etc. 
  • INVEST IN A FULL SERVICE OR DAY OF COORDINATOR || trust us you won’t regret taking this tip. In the long run this will save you so much time, money and day of stress. 
  • CREATE A WEDDING SPECIFIC E-MAIL ADDRESS || I'm sure you're the same way - your personal e-mail is already too hard to keep up with and is crazy full every day. So, the best way to make sure you don't miss out on any e-mails from vendors is by creating a specific e-mail address that handles all things wedding. This way when the wedding day is over you can delete your e-mail and not worry about getting spammed with messages for the next few years on your personal account! 
  • INVEST IN A PLANNER || this time we mean a notebook/calendar type planner, especially if you decided not to go the Full Service Wedding Planner route. So many times these types of planners include advice, planning sheets, checklists, month by month timelines, and so much more. This will help you stay on track, manage your budget, and have fun! 
  • DECIDE ON A THEME + VENUE || your theme and venue will set the whole ton for your big day, whether it’s intimate, formal, casual, boho, etc. It is also very helpful when it comes to picking our your florist, linens, bridesmaid dresses, photographer, and so much more. When looking at the venue consider the colors of the space and whether or not they will compliment or clash with the color scheme of your wedding day. 
  • GOOGLE DOCS WERE MY BEST FRIEND || while planning my wedding this truly saved me. It was perfect because I was able to add my coordinator, mom, maid of honor and whomever else I needed on their to help with advice, see my vision for the day and help to add in addresses and e-mails of guests that were invited to the wedding! We even set up a google excel sheet to help keep track of our budget. 
  • DECIDING ON YOU BRIDESMAIDS || I think this was one of the toughest decisions I made. There were so many people I would have loved to be up there with me on the big day, but in the grand scheme of it all you can't have a million bridesmaids. What I did to help make my decision a little easier, was I made a list of the ladies that I called first thing when I got engaged, who was I most excited to tell and who has had a lasting impact on my life and our friendship. From there it was so much easier to decide who I wanted up there with us. 
  • HAVE FUN + REMEMBER WHAT'S TRULY IMPORTANT || This day is about you and the one you love, the one you are about to spend the rest of your life with. Throughout the planning process we challenge you to not just focus on that one day, but to focus on your marriage as well. I can't stress enough how exciting of a time it is to pan for your wedding, but how much more exciting it is to start planning for the days to come after that. 

Featured: Cake and Lace | Event designer: Amanda Blair by Design | Photographer: Radian Photography | Venue: Leslie-Alford-Mims House | Boutique rentals: Cottage Luxe | Dresses: BHLDN  | Jewelry: Susie Saltzman | Ring dish: Lauren Sumner Pottery | Ring box: The Mrs. Box | Robes: Pop Confetti | Stationery: Sage Paper Co. | Florals: Flowers on Broad Street  | Hair & Make-up: Fancy Knot Salon  | Desserts: Sugar Euphoria | Lace clutches: Juniper and Lace | Table runners + ribbon: Mrs. Freund Co.


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