Leslie-Alford-Mims House

Friday Feature - Cassie & Ranganathan

We always love when we can be a part of couple’s big day, but we especially love it when they happen to be friends of Mims. Such is the case of this week’s #FridayFeature. We were so excited to host our good friend, Ranganathan Rajaram (aka DJ Rang), and his lovely bride, Cassie, on their wedding day.

Joined by an intimate group of family and friends, Rangathan and Cassie celebrated in a simple and elegant way. They choose to have the ceremony in the middle of our ballroom underneath a gorgeous chandelier and floral arrangement. The natural sunlight poured through the house, adding to the dazzling glow that highlighted the couple’s excitement. 

After their ceremony, the couple was joined by their family members to take photos. The beautiful colors in their guests' attire complimented the bride and groom's decor and atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this day?!

Cassie and Rangathan serve as a perfect example of just how beautiful weekday wedding ceremonies can be! Thanks for choosing to spend your day at Mims! 

And a big shout out goes to Tesh Parekh at IWP Photography for capturing the big day!

Wednesday Wisdom - To Have Kids or Not To Have Kids

You’re planning your wedding and getting ready for the happiest day of your life when it happens. That dreaded topic is brought up. The question that tears families apart, causes strife among friends, and creates headaches. 

Are you going to allow children to attend?

It’s the last thing you want to worry about but the thing that can cause some serious stress. Of course you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but you also don’t want a lot of kids running around. Don’t feel bad; it’s something all brides have to think about! 

Here’s the beautiful things about the Mims House; we can solve that problem for you. We have a simple solution that allows you to invite children to your special day but also keeps them from running amok. 

Let us introduce you to our Kids Room! Tucked away on our second floor, the Kids Room is a great space for the little ones to hang out, play games, and nap while you and your adult guests enjoy the ceremony and reception below. 

All you have to do is hire a babysitter for the event and voila! You’re happy, your guests are happy, the kids are happy!  

Ultimately, it’s YOUR day and you get the final say, but if the only thing that is stopping you from inviting children is not having a place for them to stay during your wedding, fear not! Mims has you covered! 

Monday Maven - Little Hen

Rehearsal dinners often set the tone for wedding weekends. That’s why it’s so important to choose the perfect place to kick off your weekend celebrations. And we’ve got just the place for you!

Say hello to Little Hen! Only four miles away from the Mims House, Little Hen is the perfect location for you, your friends and family to enjoy a relaxing and joyous rehearsal dinner. 

Open the doors to unveil a contemporary, French-country atmosphere oozing with rustic farmhouse charm. Between the industrial style bar seats, the chalkboard adorned walls, and the homespun dishcloth napkins, you’ll find yourself lost in a haze of adoration before you’ve even been seated. Speaking of seating, the open layout invites family style dining and provides you with enough space to enjoy an intimate yet spacious meal with all of your guests. 

Let’s get down to the really important stuff: the food! Little Hen boasts farm to table cuisine and constantly rotates its menu to fit the season. Want to know something even better? All the food is sourced from local farms or made fresh in house. Little Hen is a local business that believes in supporting other local business! 

If the charming aesthetic and local cuisine haven’t won you over yet, then let’s talk over drinks. Just like the main menu, the cocktails are also rotated seasonly. They are uniquely designed and hand crafted to match the time of year! All the beer is sourced locally and comes directly from North Carolina breweries. And that’s not all; the wine selection is off the charts! It will win over any wine cognoscenti.

Little Hen will help you design pre-fixe style menus to offer guest of large parties, like rehearsal dinners! As a family owned and locally grown business, Little Hen wants to help make your time enjoyable and perfect for your occasion! Contact them directly to find out more and be sure to take a look at their photo gallery!

Little Hen
5160 Sunset Lake Road
Apex, NC 27539
Tuesday - Saturday: 4pm - close

Friday Feature - Megan's Bridal Portraits

We love when brides come into Mims and make the space completely their own! That’s what our bride Megan did during her bridal portraits shoot. 

She excitedly took charge and used each room in the house to capture her gorgeous gown, hot pink shoes, and infectious personality! 

From standing regally on the staircase to lounging on a settee, Megan took advantage of the natural lighting and whimsical atmosphere of Mims. 

This bride also knows how to have a good time and wasn’t afraid to make some goofy faces to add to her collection. 

Megan is always full of laughter and we enjoyed hosting her and her fantastic photographer, Amaris Photography!